Are these plates genuine?

Yes, each plate is a genuine license plate issued by the proper authority unless otherwise indicated.  All plates have original paint unless otherwise indicated.


Is the plate in the photograph the plate that I will receive?

In most cases, yes.  Newer plates may not be the exact plate, at which point the listing will read:  "NOTE: Plate number may not match that in photo".  In these cases, we will only send vg or better quality plates, unless the listing specifically states 'Lower Grade'.


Okay, I've place an order.  How long before I receive my plates?

We ship 3 - 4 times per week, so you should receive your plates within a week or so (in the US).  Larger orders will take a little longer to process.  You will receive an email when your plates ship.


What is your return policy?

If you are not satisfied with your plate, return it within 30 days, and we will refund your purchase price and purchase postage.  You will be responsible for return postage.


Can I use these plates on cars?

NO!! Don't even try it!  These are expired license plates for display or hobby purposes only.  It is illegal to attach them to a vehicle (except YOM below).  By purchasing these plates, you are agreeing to the Terms of Service, which essentially states that you won't use these plates illegally.  Your state is probably broke - they need your registration fees.  However...


Can I use these plates on an antique car for Year of Manufacture (YOM) registration?

Yes.  Most states allow for registration of antique license plates on antique cars.  Check your state's regulations - some states require two plates - others just one.  On this site, pairs of plates all have a "YOM" designation for easy searching.  If only one plate is pictured, it means that we don't have the mate.  We don't separate pairs.  Many states require that the number not already be in use.  We make no guarantee as to the numbers on our plates being 'clear' for use.  Check with your DMV before purchasing the plate(s).  They can usually check to make sure the number is clear.


What about Delaware?

Huh?  What kind of question is this?  Delaware is unique in that it allows reproduction porcelain plates to be made for cars with plate numbers under approx. 85-000.  Plate numbers are recycled in the state, and can be bought and sold.  Delaware plates listed on this site are for the plates only - there is no right to the plate number, and it cannot be reregistered.  DelDOT gets upset when you try.


Do you sell in bulk?

Sorry, we typically don't sell plates in bulk, only because we don't stock in bulk.  We try to keep a minimal number of copies of each type of plate so that we can offer a more diverse selection.  NEED BULK?  Try www.rusticplates.com


Do you make customized license plates?

Nope. There are serveral sites that do that - this isn't one of them.


Hey!! I thought I was coming to your site, but I wound up somewhere else.  What the &#$@ is going on?

One of our competitors decided to purchase url www.theplatedepot.com and redirect the traffic to his website.  If you enjoy being redirected and paying higher prices, then you'll enjoy his site.  Make sure your url always says 'www.platedepot.com' (without the 'the), and you'll always be on this site (or better yet, just bookmark us.)


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