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All license plates on this website are for collection, hobby or display purposes only. All license plates that are offered are expired and can no longer be used on, or registered to, any vehicle (aside from those which are legal for registration to an antique vehicle under individual states' "Year of Manufacture" laws).

All purchasers warrant that the items that they purchase on www.platedepot.com will be used only for collection, hobby or display purposes, and that they are not misrepresenting their intent. Purchasers further warrant that items will not be used, or knowingly given for use, on a vehicle for purposes of falsifying registration or any other illegal activities. By purchasing license plates on www.platedepot.com, purchasers agree to hold Plate Depot, Inc. harmless for any damages that may arise from any improper use of these expired license plates.

Plate Depot, Inc. reserves the right to refuse sale to any person or party at any time, with or without cause. If Plate Depot, Inc. rejects a sale, the purchaser will not be asked for payment. In the event the that the purchaser has already sent payment, it will be refunded to him / her by Plate Depot, Inc.

Purchaser accepts and agrees to the Plate DepotPrivacy Policy

This agreement is in force as of 12:00 AM CST December 7, 2006 and can be updated at any time. Updates will be posted in this location with an appropriate date.

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